Today, people must visit one or more patient portal websites to view their medical records, which is not the way we live our mobile lives.

How can docsnap™ help?

Health care providers are realizing that patients are customers and health care services must be convenient and easy to access. docsnap™DHP puts the consumer at the center of their health care network and provides all of their medical information through an easy-to-use mobile or web-based solution.  Their personal health records and those of their family are available anytime, anywhere.  Having mobile access to health information makes it easy to view and share vital information with members of their personal health network.


Docsnap Mobile Application
Docsnap Infographic

In today’s fast paced society, docsnap™ helps busy patients and families manage their health and health care.

docsnap™ empowers the individual by providing tools to enhance access and collaborate directly with their care team, share health data and manage complex chronic conditions remotely.  Family and friends can be added to extend and support the care team creating a social health network around patients who need it most.

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