Today, people must visit a patient portal to view their medical records.

But few do.  Each portal requires a unique login to gain access to their personal health information.  It’s a tedious and unsuccessful process.  So, most people don’t have all of their medical records in one place when then visit their clinician.

How can docsnap™ help?

Docsnap™ puts the PERSON at the center of their healthcare network and provides all of their medical information through an easy-to-use mobile app.  Their personal health records and those of their family are available anytime, anywhere.  Having mobile access makes it easier for you to access your medical record, which is helpful for both you & your clinicians.


Docsnap Mobile Application
Docsnap Infographic

In today’s fast paced society, docsnap™ helps clinicians engage with their patients on a more meaningful level.

Docsnap™ gives the clinician a tool to communicate directly with their patients. Clinicians can send and receive discrete clinical data directly to and from their patients, allowing them to update their patient’s EHR, driving actionable workflow for value-based care.  The integrated care management approach ensures targeted, proactive and outcome-driven treatment, as well as eliminates duplicative or unnecessary costs.

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